Annalise's Female Adult Case Study

Ashley, an accountant for a top accounting firm came to counseling due to feeling overly anxious about a potential job change. She wanted to move firms in order to make room for a more balanced life, which would hopefully involve children soon. She felt completely out of control and voiced that she might be making a huge mistake but she had no idea why she felt so anxious and couldn’t seem to stop crying about the situation. 

Annalise worked with Ashley to understand where her anxiety was stemming from. Together they completed a genogram and discovered she had always felt she was never good enough or met her dad’s standards of her. She continued to feel the need to measure up and be perfect. Annalise helped Ashley see that subconsciously, although this job transition is what she wanted, she was worried moving to a less prestigious accounting firm would mean she had failed.  

Annalise helped dig into areas where she had not let go of her past hurt and had developed the narrative of “I am not good enough”. Ashley completed a thought journal and discovered she was shaming herself weekly, which was having a major effect in her relationships. Annalise helped Ashley to pay attention to her thoughts and see how her own negative views of herself actually pushed people away. Ashley learned to take captive her thoughts and actively engage in changing the way she talked to herself. She successfully moved to her new job and has continued to work on creating her own version of success rather than striving to live up to other people’s standards for her life. 


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