Carrie Cravens, LCSW

  • Specialties: Parenting Help, Family, Children & Kids, Teens & Adolescents, Children with Anxiety, Stress Reduction, Life Transitions
  • Education
    • Masters in Social Work (University of Texas Austin)
    • Bachelors in Psychology (Texas A&M University)
  • Experience: 16 Years
  • Rate: $130 per 50 minute session

Getting to know Carrie

Carrie Cravens began her social work career in the medical field but quickly discovered her true niche in working with children and families. In 2009, she began working as an Early Intervention Specialist for Early Childhood Intervention, providing developmental services to young children with delays and disabilities and their families. It was here that Carrie discovered her passion for working with parents and families. During her time with ECI, Carrie was able to complete the requirements toward her Clinical Social Work License and begin providing counseling within the program. In this role, she was able to provide support to parents as they learned to cope with having a child with a potential disability and through other difficult transitions. A core piece of this work included providing family counseling to aid in strengthening parent-child relationships. She also enjoyed working with couples and parents on managing difficult behaviors from every-day struggles to more severe behavior challenges. Also during this time, Carrie worked in private practice at her church as well as her own practice where she spent most of her focus on counseling children, teens and adults. Carrie loves witnessing change in tweens and teens as they form their identities and move toward becoming productive members of society. She believes that all people deserve to be heard and valued and everyone has the ability to change and become who they want to be. She strives to consider a person’s complete story when leading them toward the path of change.

Carrie has extensive training in child development and developmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has worked with many parents who are struggling with the grief, acceptance and daily struggles of raising a child with special needs. Carrie tends to “fall in love” with all children that she works with no matter what their challenges are and has a hard time saying good-bye when their time together is done. She also bonds almost instantly with other Moms and continues to keep in contact with many of the Moms she has counseled. 

When she is not counseling, Carrie spends her time as a volunteer Uber driver for her 12 year-old daughter and 10 year-old twin boys. Between church, school, taekwondo, ballet, basketball and drama; they keep her very busy. Carrie’s husband is the Director of Youth Ministries at a local church where she volunteers in the children and youth ministries. She also loves to make wreaths, bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes (and she has been told they’re quite yummy).


style & Approach

Carrie strives to meet clients with compassion and respect. She spends time getting to know the client and building a relationship which can entail allowing the client get to know her. Carrie feels that it is important for many clients to know who they are opening up to so she is willing to create a “get to know you” dialogue with clients in the beginning which can include basic personal information about herself if desired.

Carrie’s number one goal when counseling an individual, couple or family is to meet the client where they are at; meaning starting with your most pressing concerns within your comfort zone and pushing forward as we move along to tackle more challenging and possibly traumatic issues. Part of this work includes helping you realize your core beliefs and thoughts about yourself and others and evaluating how those beliefs and/or thoughts help or hinder you in your daily life. Working alongside with you, Carrie will teach you how to challenge and change those beliefs and thoughts that get in the way of helping you to live your ideal life. She will help you see that your thoughts, feelings and actions work together as a unit and that changing the way you think about something can aid in changing your behaviors and feelings as well. 

With children, Carrie’s number one goal is to help the child feel safe and supported. Play is the language of young children so most of these sessions will take place in our well equipped play room. Carrie always starts out with a child by explaining to them that the play room is their space to do and say whatever they please with very few limits. She emphasizes that whatever happens in the play room stays in the play room meaning that parents do not have to know exactly what is said or done unless the child gives permission or discloses that someone is hurting them or they want to hurt themselves or someone else. She explains to the child that if something arises that she feels the parent needs to know, she will work with that child in sharing that information with the parent as a team. Through sand tray work, art, puppets, play dough, role play and many other activities Carrie will work with the child in being able to express strong feelings and process through those feelings in an age-appropriate manner. Parent consultation is a priority when working with children so Carrie likes to check in with parents often and give strategies for how they can continue the work we are doing in the play room at home.

With older children and teens, Carrie will assess the developmental level of the child and then incorporate play and/or more mature techniques as needed. Some older children and even some teens still need some play in order to be able to fully express their needs. Issues such as anger management, anxiety, OCD and depression will be worked through by providing practical strategies that the child can use in daily life which may include breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, calming strategies, challenging faulty beliefs and alternative anger expression.


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