Carrie's Mother/Parenting Case Study

“Rachel” is a Mom of two beautiful children who recently moved to the Dallas area from New York City. Her youngest child, “Brady” was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 2 ½ years old. Rachel was extremely frustrated with Brady’s behavior because he would run off in public places, climbed on everything and was aggressive toward other children. She characterized him as “mean”, “manipulative” and “uncaring” and considered herself a failure as a mother for raising a child with these traits. Rachel did not understand that part of Brady’s autism diagnosis meant that he did not understand how to relate to others and his aggression toward his peers was his way of creating a social interaction.

Carrie worked with Rachel in helping her understand how Brady’s diagnosis changes the way that he learns about the world. She also worked with Rachel through her grief she was experiencing due to having a child with special needs and the judgment and isolation she felt from others. Carrie was able to provide Rachel with strategies that incorporated his older sister to teach him how to interact with other children. Carrie used a compassionate approach in understanding Rachel’s frustration with Brady’s behavior but also helped her see his true desire for connection with his Mom through bonding exercises. Rachel was able to get Brady enrolled in an ABA preschool where he is working on his social interactions among many other things. She now sees his potential for integrating into society in the future and is equipped to help him learn social norms. 


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