Carrie's Two Year Old Case Study

“Tanner” was 2 years old when he and Carrie first met and she instantly fell in love with his sweet smile and big blue eyes. He was a twin and had a language delay and so was speaking on only a few words. He was having trouble detaching from Mom and would follow her around the house, not even allowing her to use the restroom without him. Anytime Mom left his sight, Tanner would lay on the floor with his face buried in the carpet and cry, sometimes hysterically, until Mom returned. Mom was unable to cook dinner, tend to his twin brother or even leave him with Dad without a complete meltdown and shut down. He was about to start preschool 2 days a week and Mom was concerned that it would be a disaster.

Together, Mom and Carrie worked to create a social story for Tanner; a book with pictures of his family members, his preschool, his teachers and the classroom that Mom could read to him several times a day before actually beginning school. We also worked in the home, having Tanner play with Carrie as Mom gradually gained some distance in the room. Mom and Carrie talked with Tanner often about what it would be like to go to school and Carrie prompted Mom to set up a meeting in the classroom with Tanner’s teachers prior to the first day of school so that he could get comfortable with the setting and people. By the time Tanner started school, he woke up talking about “teachers” and “nice” and walked into the classroom willingly that first day, hugged Mom good-bye and said “Mommy back” knowing that Mom would be back to pick him up that afternoon. He now looks forward to going to school, talks about his teachers and classmates in a positive manner and is able to play in a separate room from Mom either alone or with his brother throughout the day. 


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