Dianna Alvidres, LPC-Intern

  • Supervised by Ly Tran, LPC-Supervisor
  • Specialties: Marriage & Couples, Family & Parenting, Divorce Recovery, Life Adjustments, Depression, Anxiety and Trauma
  • Education
    • Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy (Amberton University)
    • Masters in Professional Counseling (Amberton University)
    • Bachelors in Accounting (University of Kansas)
  • Experience: 1.5 Years
  • Rate: $105 per 50 minute session

Getting to know Dianna

Dianna was born and raised in a small town in Kansas and worked in corporate accounting after getting her accounting degree from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!).  In just 2 years, while still working, she had a daughter and a set of triplets but continued working until her and her husband decided it would be best for her to stay home with the kids.  So she quit her career and soon found that staying at home with 4 kids was much tougher than she expected.  This time at home gave her time to soul search and allowed her the space to realize that she was made for some other purpose.  She found that she had a passion for listening to people.  By joining the Stephen Ministry team at church she spent time with others going through difficult experiences and providing support and comfort to them.  So after 10 years at home with the kids, she went back to school and earned a Masters in Professional Counseling and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.


style & Approach

Dianna is passionate about connecting with people, meeting them where they are in their journey and walking along side them to help them discover themselves and grow as individuals.  Counseling for her is about being genuine and creating a space that feels safe, is free of judgment and allows for growing in awareness about themselves and their relationships. Her hope is that each person that she sees will feel cared for, respected, and listened to in a way that brings healing and resolution of issues through the counseling relationship.  She works with individuals with many different issues including infertility, anxiety, and trauma.  Her method is based on a Rogerian approach that is person-centered, believing that the client holds the answers to their challenges.

Dianna’s focus is on marriage and families.  Having had a marriage that ended in divorce and one now that has lasted 19 years has taught her much about losing and fighting for a relationship.  Whether married or dating, she would be privileged to help your relationship and to bring about resolution and healing so that you both can move forward into a relationship that is stronger, more connected and intimate than it has been before.  Having been raised in a family with seven kids and with four of her own, she also has a strong pull towards parenting challenges. Dianna and her husband battled infertility and have become very intentional about parenting.  She has an approach to working with parents and children that emphasize love and discipline with the key ingredient being grace. 


samples of Dianna's Work


What people have to say

"I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate our time and experiences together in counseling. Through your listening, and as a sounding board who has affirmed, encouraged and challenged me, your voice stays with me."    - Tony
"Our time in counseling has helped provide us with tools and techniques that guide us to communicate at a higher level within our marriage. Making the choice to go to counseling meant hard work ahead. Both of us are willing to take on hard work. Dianna has been wonderful and has made us feel comfortable in our sessions. She has shown a genuine willingness to help us have a stronger marriage. Dianna has encouraged us from the very beginning. We are thankful for her counsel and guidance." - J.D