Group work can be as effective if not more so than individual counseling. 

Groups add an element of learning that's often times difficult to achieve in one-on-one settings.  While it might seem daunting at first to be in a group of strangers, people who go through the group experience are often quite pleased with the experience and the results.  If you can get over the initial anxiety of meeting new people, then it can also be a much more affordable option as well.

We offer two types of groups:



Educational groups are much easier to enter into and are usually lower in cost.  There's typically a workbook to go through that covers the topic of mutual interest for all participants (marriage for example).  The group will introduce new concepts and skills and the facilitator will guide a discussion on those concepts.  It's called an educational group because it stays focused mostly on the content as opposed to the personal lives of each of the participants.  



Process groups are more intensive and get a whole lot more work done.  Think of it like a cross-fit exercise group where being around others doing hard work will inspire you to push yourself harder.  In addition to some educational content, the facilitator will guide personal interactions and application of the concepts covered.

Think of educational groups like a Drivers Ed. class and process groups like getting behind the wheel with an instructor.