Ly Tran, LPC-Supervisor

  • Executive Director
  • Specialties: Marriage & Couples
  • Education
    • Masters in Biblical Counseling (Dallas Seminary)
    • Bachelors in Computer Science & Business (Trinity University)
    • Doctorate in Family & Marriage Ministry (Currently Enrolled Dallas Seminary)
  • Experience: 11 Years
  • Rate: $180 per 50 minute session

Getting to know Ly

Ly is a collector of experience, picking up knowledge and expertise along the way.  After graduating with a degree in Computer Science, Ly spent a few years as an IT consultant with Deloitte.  Realizing that he enjoyed helping people understand, analyze and solve problems, but hated computer programing, Ly decided to head back to graduate school to get a Masters in Biblical Counseling to help people solve the more important problems in life. 

Along the way Ly developed an entrepreneurial bug, building a real estate business and running a food retail business (Paciugo Gelato).  Five years ago, Ly joined the pastoral staff at Chase Oaks Church helping to build care and counseling solutions for the church and surrounding community. Ly is also now enrolled back in school getting his Doctorate in Marriage & Family Ministry, researching ways to improve how therapists do marriage counseling. Throughout all of these endeavors, Ly has honed his passion, vision and drive, parlaying all of these experiences into starting up the Watershed Initiative and the Sweet Deeds Project.

As hard as it might be to believe with the number of things he is involved in, Ly believes in living a simplified life.  Ly prioritizes spending as much time as he can with his wife and kids, believing the health of his marriage and being present for his children are his most important jobs in life.  If Ly is working and taking time away from his family, it's only to do and invest into things he believes will make a difference.


style & Approach

Imagine taking a person with a high level of emotional awareness and another person with strong analytical skills.  If you mashed those people together that's the kind of counselor Ly is.  This is what makes Ly such an effective and unique marriage counselor.  He understands the different languages that husband and wife have a hard time speaking to one another.  Ly takes a very methodical and structured approach to therapy, utilizing various theories and tailoring his approach to the case and his client's needs.  It's also important to Ly that his clients understand underlying reasons for the problems they present and feel empowered to decide on the realistic solutions that are right for them.  Much like a trainer, Ly believes in partnering with his clients, determining goals, treatment plans and solutions together.  


samples of Ly's Work


What people have to say

"Ly has really helped our marriage by working through long standing communication issues and getting to the root of a variety of conflicts. His approach is detailed and methodical in a good way. Additionally, Ly is both caring and insightful at the same time. His insights provide valuable takeaways that we can apply for positive change." - J.A