Mark Olkowski, Lmft-Associate

  • Supervised by Lynn McCracken, LMFT-Supervisor
  • Specialties: Marriage & Couples, Family Conflict, Self-Esteem & Identity, Depression, Anger, Young Adults, Teens, Christian Counseling.
  • Education
    • Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy (Bethel Seminary San Diego)
    • Bachelors in Psychology (San Diego State University)
  • Experience: 3 Years
  • Rate: $105 per 50 minute session

Getting to know Mark

Mark is all about relationships. He knows they aren’t always easy, but he loves the potential they have to provide people with a sense of acceptance and understanding. On the other hand, he takes seriously the fact that many relationships are the arena for some of the greatest challenges and hardships. With this in mind, he wants to be part of the struggle for growth and connection, to make the most of all that individuals, couples, families, friends, co-workers, and even strangers have to offer one another.


style & Approach

Mark is particularly passionate about helping individuals explore the truth of who they are. This includes developing the capacity to understand and express their needs, emotions, and beliefs. When it comes to his therapeutic style, he has a warm approach, provides space to be heard and reflect, and seeks to find the pace that is most comfortable for everyone in the room. In that space, he will challenge clients to think critically, consider multiple perspectives, and develop the courage and strength to live authentically. Additionally, he welcomes feedback and open dialogue to help ensure that therapy remains in line with their goals. To him, it is a privilege to support the process of finding hope, developing resilience, and striving toward lasting change.


samples of Mark's Work


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