Why do we reduce rates for package purchases?  Because the more committed our clients are to do the work, the easier it is to get the work done. 

For counselors, that's worth lowering our rates.  It's also difficult to measure results with just one or two sessions of work.  Similar to how going to the gym once or twice isn't going to get you instant results.  Committing to 6+ session of counseling ensures there's enough time and work to begin experiencing positive change and putting more value into the process.  Package pricing is available only to first time clients.

initial assessments

The first time you come in will be for an initial assessment and consult with one of our directors or a counselor of your choosing.  The counselor will gather information on your case and what your counseling needs and goals are.  From there a treatment plan will be proposed.  You and the counselor will determine what the goals are and the plan to achieve those goals in counseling.  At that point you can choose to work with a counselor and pay session to session, but if you'd like to reduce your cost you can prepay the next 4 or 8 sessions.  The more you prepay, the more the rates are reduced. 

prepay 4 sessions = 10% reduction in rates

prepay 8 sessions = 20% reduction in rates