What sets us apart from most counseling practices is our commitment to providing value and quality at a cost that's manageable and affordable. 

We realize that not everyone can afford counseling at some of the rates most experienced professionals charge.  In fact, the majority of people are priced out of the best and highest tier of counselors.  For us, this just isn't acceptable and serves only to limit the amount of change and impact we can have in our community.  The only solution is to provide higher value at a lower cost.  How do we do that?

We are a training facility in addition to being a mental health practice.  We invest a great deal of time and money into educating not only the general public, but our staff as well.  We provide our students and interns with an extra 100 hours of advanced and specialized education beyond the standard licensing requirements.  This allows us to offer higher quality counseling at lower and more affordable rates. To learn more about our training program and continuing education for our students and interns click here


All directors are licensed counselors and supervisors as well.  With 10+ years of experience, they are responsible for not only providing quality counseling for their clients, but to train and lead our team of professionals.  This team sets the culture and the standards for our practice.

Rates: $180-200 per 50 minute session



In order to be a supervisor, the State requires at least 5 years of experience in practice.  All of our supervisors have 10+ years and are selected to be supervisors because of their passion to invest into another generation of counselors.  They are highly skilled and specialized in their area of expertise. 

Many of the supervisors will also assess and develop treatment plans for the interns and students, ensuring the quality of care clients receive from interns and students.

Rates: $150-180 per 50 minute session


Senior Counselors

Senior counselors have completed their 3,000 hours of internship training and typically have 3+ years of experience.  In addition to the standard internship training every intern must receive, Watershed invests an additional 100 classroom hours and 400 supervision hours into our team.  

Rates: $125-150 per 50 minute session


Junior counselors (interns)

Junior counselors or licensed interns are under supervision by a licensed supervisor.  They have completed their graduate studies and practicum experience which means they have anywhere between 1 to 3 years of experience. 

All Interns go through Watershed's training program and have usually also completed the Watershed training for Practicum Students (30 classroom hours and 30 specialized supervision hours).  While interns engage in counseling work, all of their clients cases are assessed and directed by a supervisor ensuring both the quality of their work and their development as a therapist.  

Rates: $85-105 per 50 minute session


Student counselors (practicum)

Student counselors are in their final year of their graduate studies.  During this time they are also in what is known as their "practicum experience".  Here these students place their education and training into practice.  The Watershed Initiative places a great deal of emphasis on training at this stage and through the internship of a new counselor, providing them with additional education and case management supervision.  

Rates: $30-50 per 50 minute session