Cultivating Change

The Watershed Initiative was created with one goal in mind: Making a Difference by Cultivating Change in our Community. We are a collaboration of therapist from various areas of specialties that are unified in our faith in Christ and a compelling drive to make a difference in the life of individuals, couples, families and their communities. Watershed Initiative does this by focusing on two areas of need: Wellness and Healing

Wellness Initiatives

What sets us apart from most other mental health practices is the amount of time and energy we put into collaborating with our community to help raise the level of dialogue, transparency and awareness on mental health and relationship issues. We host workshops that we call “Worksheds” with the following goals:

  1. Promote Discussion and Learning of Tools to help prevent mental illness and the need for counseling.

  2. Help people to learn how to improve their own mental wellness by sharing transparently how we as mental health professionals deal with and work through the same difficulties of life many people in our community face.

Our hope is to cultivate change by making mental health and wellness easier to understand and more doable in every day life.

Healing Initiatives

If specialized and professional mental health need arises from these engagements with the community, through our team of 20+ therapists we also offer counseling help that can address most every marriage, family, and individual mental health need and can accommodate most any financial situation. We are also a curator of mental health resources and are avid networkers, so if we aren’t able to help or aren’t the best fit, we aim to be a resource that helps connect people in our community with the right resource for them.

Watershed Initiative is about initiating and influencing real change in the places that matter the most (people and relationships) and in ways that we as mental health professionals are uniquely trained to do and passionate about.