preventative vs. reparative

When you do the work of a counselor long enough, you begin to realize that much of what clients come in to seek help with could have been much easier and less painful to address if they had just gotten help sooner.  Because of this, much of a counselor work is what's called "reparative".  We address, resolve and heal after the pain and the issues have set in.  But if we're truly interested in seeing people grow and healthy families thrive, we have to find someway to prevent the problems and issues from getting beyond the point of repair and incurring damage that's completely avoidable.  

What makes us different from most practices and groups is that we see ourselves as educators and preventative care providers first and then therapists second.  

Advanced Training For Better Counseling

Most counselors who are great at what they do, will tell you they learned and developed their most important skills for counseling after their graduate school education.  Most counselors during their internship will learn through on-the-job training and by consulting on their cases with their supervisor.  So in most situations, the intern is learning as they go, improving along the way.

What makes the Watershed Initiative different is we've created a curriculum and training program designed by the most experienced and best therapists from various areas of specialties.  This program covers all the skills and trainings that we wished we had received in our graduate studies.  This material is taught to the newest counselors on our team over the course of two years (100 additional classroom hours beyond the State requirement) during their internship.  So whether you're working with a student, intern or senior counselor, you're getting professional help that's far more advanced in training than most any other practice.  

Thinking LocalLy & Globally 

Why do we do all this? Why do we invest so much time and energy into preventative education and training our team?  Because that's how change happens which is what we're really after.  Most every counselor goes into this field of work because they want to make a difference and have seen first hand the power that good counseling can have in doing so.  But that desire to make a difference doesn't stop in the counseling room for us.  The Watershed Initiative is about driving change on the smallest of levels in the counseling room and on the largest of levels by equipping better therapist and educating our community.  We want to be difference makers by investing into other difference makers.