The Watershed Initiative is a collaboration of professional counselors and educators who have spent years helping people grow through difficult seasons of life and experience positive life and relational change.  We are all about change. It's why we do what we do, it's essential to who we are.  

The common misconception about counseling is that it's only for people with "serious problems".  But seeing a dentist isn't something you only do when there's a problem with your tooth or a visiting a doctor for only when you're sick. Counseling can help with life's most difficult problems and challenges for sure. But it can also help with the everyday issues that might not seem that serious right now. The truth is most issues can be prevented by going to see a counselor before problems get serious. We want to make mental, emotional and relational health a normal part of everyone's life before the small issues become big ones. It's our mission to be our community's leading source for preventative mental health care and a trusted source for the counseling needs that are all too common today