Faith & Practice

You might not ever see it in our content, or in the counseling we provide, but we are all dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.  It is the reason why we are so fiercely passionate and devoted to making a difference in lives of our clients and their families, in the community we serve, and in the lives of our team of counselors.  Our faith in Christ is what drives us to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves and what any of us could do on our own. 

As Christ followers we find our purpose somewhere in between the local church and the mental health world. While we all have a passion to be Christ to our community and serve real needs, we also know the Church isn’t always equipped to handle serious mental health and relationship issues. And yet as therapists, we are not satisfied with making a difference within the confines of the counseling room either. Watershed Initiative seeks to bring both worlds together to make a deeper impact on a larger scale.

Marriage & Family Foundations

When you've done the work of a counselor long enough, you begin to understand the importance of the family unit.  All of us are influenced and fashioned by how our family experience was as children.  If you're married, you understand how the condition of your marriage can affect the condition of the rest of your life, for good or bad.  And if you have children, then you know what you do, the kind of marriage you have, and the kind of parent you are will influence and shape the kind of people your children will become.  

When we think of making a difference on a grass-roots level, we believe any investment we can make into the betterment of a marriage, of a family, will yield the longest lasting and most profound change for not only that family, but for that family's future generations to come.  

Community & Relationships

None of us live on an island in isolation.  If we really want to influence positive change, we need partnerships and our community to make it happen. We do what we do so we can lead the way on issues that are important and can change our community in profound ways.  Being a common resource that's distributed to families and communities, hosting educational workshops and events, all of these things are avenues for us to build a standing and positive relationship in our community.  The more people in our community we can inspire to believe in what the Watershed Initiative is doing, the greater the change and good that can happen.