Calvin's Adult Male Case Study

Fred, an account manager for a computer software company came to counseling because he found himself progressively becoming more and more isolated from his friends and family. Fred reported that he has always been an anxious person and has had a difficult time getting through the day without having at least one panic attack. He also was troubled with how he often tended to turn to unhealthy coping skills to sooth his own anxieties. 

After processing through what his trigging environments are, we began to explore what it may be about those situations that is anxiety provoking. Fred began to realize how whenever he was put into an environment where he feels as if he needs to prove himself to others. Overtime, Fred began to acknowledge how his need to impress others came from an insecurity of not wanting others to seem him as a fraud. Because, if others were to find out, what he thought of himself to already be, it would confirm that he is not worth keeping around. 

Once Fred accepted this as his narrative, he was then able to comfort it. By practicing positive self-talk and disputing his irrational thoughts, he was able to reach an understanding that he was more critical of himself than others were of him. Now, Fred is now able to approach work and relationship challenges with confidence. He has taught himself how to give himself grace for the mistakes he makes and not over analyze situations. In doing so Fred is now living a life free from his sense of guilt and fear, believing that he is a valuable addition to someone else’s life.


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