Dieula's Couples Case Study

Dieula first met “Tanya and Todd” for counseling as they were seeking help to resolve some conflict in their marriage. Tanya described her issues with Todd as conflict over managing in-law relationships, she said Todd often does not support her when there’s conflict with the in-laws. Todd said he’s not aware of any conflict with the in-laws. Tanya and Todd were committed to making their marriage work and with that commitment Dieula began helping them resolve some of their conflicts. They began with communication exercises, how to ask for a time-out when things get heated and how to honor a time-out request. During their fourth session, Dieula gave Tanya and Todd an illustration regarding what seemed to be going on with the in-laws. Tanya seemed to be in the middle of the sea alone on a boat while Todd and his family are having a good time at shore. They both have a role in bringing the boat to shore to help Tanya feel welcome and a vital part of the extended family. To this very day, whenever Tanya and Todd visit Dieula they continue to use the illustration to describe how things are with the in-laws. 


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