Dieula's Adult Female Case Study

Dieula first met “Marie” because her parents felt she needed therapy, they were concerned of her friendships as they were robbing her of her joy and pulling her away from who she truly was, and she was making poor decisions that was putting her life at risk. On Marie’s first visit, she curled up to a ball on the far-right corner of the couch. She seemed scared about seeing a counselor. During that first session, Dieula purposely did not lead with the reason she was being brought into counseling. Instead, Dieula focused on developing a rapport with Marie. Throughout the months of working together, Dieula helped Marie identify the causes behind her poor decisions, she began feeling confident in who she was to the point of using her voice when she felt uncomfortable. Dieula once went on vacation and when she returned, Marie said “I couldn’t wait for you to come back”. 


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