Sucely's Female Teen Case Study

Jaqueline, A Senior in high school came to counseling because she wanted to process a new relationship she was embracing on as well as her after graduation. She was feeling pressure from society to have sex with her boyfriend even though he was not pressuring her. Her grandmother, who encouraged Jacqueline to see a counselor, was telling her to way to have sex until she was in college. 

Sucely encouraged Jaqueline to look within herself to know why she was in such a hurry to have sex. Together they went through the process of understanding the difference between intercourse and intimacy. Jaqueline was able to understand the process the body goes through while on the first 90 days of a relationship and decided to wait until that time period to reevaluate her decisions to have sex with her boyfriend. During those 90 days we continued with a Psycho Educational approach to sexuality and what “love” really is. We processed love and the fact that there is only one more for it in english, whereas most other languages have at least 2 different words designing on the depth of and the direction of the love.

By the end of their time together Jaqueline had come to an understanding of her sexuality and decided that she was not ready to have sex with her boyfriend.


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